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Class Descriptions

Prenatal Yoga

We’ll apply postures, breathing, and meditation to help soothe the challenges of pregnancy. This class prepares expectant mothers for both delivery and postpartum recovery. Yoga has been shown to help alleviate many of the common complaints that occur during pregnancy such as: heartburn, swelling, back pain. This class brings a deep awareness and sense of joy at experiencing the natural changes that occur during the journey of pregnancy. Open level.

Beginners Yoga

Whether you're a new student to yoga or just interested in going back to the basics, this class is for you. Inspired by Here, we take a little more time to break down the poses and make sure you're extra comfortable. open/level 1


Restorative Yoga 

This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. We use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. This class is appropriate for students of all levels, and especially helpful to those recovering from injuries. open level

Storytime Yoga

Story time Yoga is a children’s body-centered education and yoga play program that integrates yoga and storytelling, mindfulness, peace and character education to produce healthy, peaceful and literate children, families and communities.

Fertility Yoga & Support Circle

Dedicated to supporting women on their journeys to becoming mothers. These classes are a proactive step towards your self-care at this time, giving your body the opportunity to become as fertile as possible. We do this by taking the focus to the whole body (not just its parts) and relaxing the body, mind, and soul to reduce stress.
Studies have now found a connection between pregnancy rates and would-be mothers’ stress levels, stress-reducing yoga, used in concert with conventional medical treatments, may increase the chances of conception.
For those who are planning to conceive, those undergoing fertility treatments or IVF.

Little Yogis Day

Little Yogis Day is all about connecting with your babes through the practice of yoga. Little yogis days consists of baby yoga, toddler, yoga, & family yoga all lumped into one day. 


Baby Yoga

Nurture your baby while caring for yourself. This class invites babies and their caregivers to bofnd through loving touch and movement. This class will be aimed for postpartum and newborn needs, but all family dynamics are welcome. Let baby in on the yoga action physically, mentally and spiritually to build a strong bond of trust and security while also soothing aches, pains and promote healthy healing. You will find a warm, supportive community.


Toddler Yoga

Partner with your toddler in simple animated poses, games, art, music and breathing exercises that help to strengthen coordination and build body awareness. We'll bark in downward dog, hiss in cobra pose and flutter our wings in butterfly, while we take a yoga journey that your child will never forget! This fun class provides key bonding methods between parent and child, while strengthening their growing muscles, and helping your own aches and pains.


Family Yoga

During the family yoga class you can expect a fun, joyful and peaceful way to move together mindfully. We begin with thoughtfully tuning in, followed by a fun, mindful, playful and meditative practice that includes postures, partner poses, games, stories and group poses. Great for introducing kids of all ages to the practice and benefits of yoga, breath work, and meditation. All family dynamics welcome!

Postpartum Yoga & support Circle

A slow postnatal yoga practice, attend to the physical benefits of rebuilding, strengthening and restoring the postpartum body. This class offers emotional support from a community of women going down the same path and a chance to stretch and de-stress.

Babywearing Yoga

Babywearing yoga is a combination of fun, gentle, & effective postnatal exercise plus the convenience & benefits of babywearing. You’ll wear your baby as you move through nurturing, accessible yoga postures designed to help you thrive as a new parent or caregiver.

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