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Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

What is postpartum Sealing?

A special type of care for a mother after birth. The Ceremony can be practiced almost immediately after a natural birth, or as soon as 21 days post a C-section. It is considered to be the most effective in the first 40 days. However, it is not less beneficial to women in later post-partum and even years after birth.

This care is believed to restore the mother quickly, enhance baby bonding, breast milk production, prevention of womb ailments and prevention of arthritis in old age. It is a great overall healing tool, that’s why it is still so beneficial in the late postpartum period as well. This ceremony allows replenishing of energy and concentrates love on a Mother. So it’s other name is a Mothering Ceremony, because it allows us to hold the Mother, mother the Mother, love the Mother.

What does the Ceremony look like?


Herbal Tea & Bath

We start off with a warming postpartum bath & tea. The herbs used are specific for postpartum health, healing, and inviting in a sense of calm and care.


Oil massage

After a nice soak, a warm Ayurvedic abhyanga oil massage, incorporating some gentle thai massage techniques comes next. 


Sealing, warming & Tuck in

Sealing involves "closing of the bones" by wrapping the body at specific points with cloth and tying them. Once sealed, you will be tucked in with a blanket and added heat packs. This is often described by clients as being swaddled and cozy. 

How long is a ceremony?

A Full sealing ceremony takes up to 3 hours. Some prefer to spend less time in the herbal bath and tucked in while others spend the entire 3 hours.

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