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Mama's Menu: Ayurvedic Recipes for Postpartum Healing


I was drawn to this title because I am an Ayurvedic postpartum doula, have gone through several ayurvedic trainings, and this specific book has never been mentioned / I haven’t heard of this book until this training. Once I started reading the book, I read her dedication page that specifically mentioned Ysha Oakes whom was the creator of the ayurvedic postpartum training I had originally completed several years back. It looks like this is a newer book, being published in 2022 so I am sure that’s why I was not familiar with it yet. Very excited to see continuations of Ysha Oakes knowledge.


This book is aimed at soon to be, or already, postpartum people. It appears to be intended to be a cookbook or an easy reference book.


This book does a great job of introducing Ayuveda to the “Average” population while also providing opportunity for deeper study to those interested. For those who just want to know what to do or just want the meals, you are able to skip through to just the recipes. It also provides great lists of items you need, shopping lists, and where to find the more unique items that are not typically available in the US. This book would be wildly beneficial to people who want an ayurvedic postpartum doula but perhaps cant afford one or if there isn’t anyone close to where they live offering the service. This book is quite literally a shortened version of my original Ayurvedic training.


For me I think the value I found was more so in being reminded of my training and that there are still people out there continuing to share this knowledge to others.


The book is put together well, and simply so its not super overwhelming, but it is also full of knowledge. I will say that I bought it in the Kindle format but it after purchasing it, there was a notice saying it isn’t compatible with my kindle (I have the newest kindle model) so I had to access it on my phone after downloading the kindle app on my phone. So to that regard there was slight frustration but on the flip side it would make a nice pocket guide for those wanting to access it quickly for a recipe. I think I would recommend this book to clients who couldn’t afford my service or for those wanting to do things themselves or if they had a family member really motivated to step in and learn how to provide Ayurvedic care.

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